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X-Reel2310F4 Serie

Description :
Straight 4 mm Banana (male) Plug to 4 mm Banana (female) Jack (socket) Portable Manual Reel.
Cable type :
PVC 0.75 mm² (AWG18) (12 A), PVC 1.00 mm² (AWG17) (20 A), PVC 1.50 mm² (AWG15) (25 A), PVC 2.50 mm² (AWG13) (36 A), Silicone 0.75 mm² (AWG18) (12 A), Silicone 1.00 mm² (AWG17) (20 A), Silicone 1.50 mm² (AWG15) (25 A), Silicone 2.50 mm² (AWG13) (36A)
Color :
Black / blue / orange, red / blue / orange, white / blue / orange, yellow / blue / orange, green / blue / orange, blue / blue / orange.
Standard length :
30 m (98 ft).
Detail :

Dedicated to ease electrical continuity measuring for electrical diagnostic. Designed in co-operation with professional users. Compatibility with electrical environment of electrical closets thanks to its 1000 V - CAT III / 600 V - CAT IV protection. Comfort of use thanks to its possibility of reeling or unreeling the wire without disconnecting the device, its untangling feature during reeling (the boring time of tidying the wire is simplified by easing the untangling of the wire), its ergonomic handle, and its insulating handle avoiding cold sensation (for example, when using in facilities whithout any heating, transportation during winter). Comfort of transportation thanks to its cord to wear it over the shoulder (cord can be untied so that the reel can be tied directly to a belt or a belt loop thanks to a snap hook not provided - ), its small size (compliant with rucksacks for technicians who move with two-wheeled vehicles) and its light weight (about 1250 g = 2.9 lb). Electrical safety thanks to its insulating body (including the cord) and its IP2X protection (no accessible energized metal parts). Easy putting away thanks to its tidying socket avoiding accidental unreeling of the wire. Easy checking of the wire thanks to its wire wear indicator (PVC jacket wire or silicone jacket wire).Perenniality beyond 2011 thanks to its compliance with amendment 1 : 2011 of IEC61010-031 standard.Storage temperature from -20 °C (-4 °F) to 60 °C (140 °F). Operating temperature from 0 °C (32 °F) to 40 °C (104 °F)

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Série X-Reel2310F4

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